We’ve used our best magpie skills to gather the very best blooms and treasures for you to give as gifts (or to treat yourself).

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us by email and we’ll get back to you ASAP, but your question might be listed below, so take a look. 

What is a NEST gift? NEST gifts are thoughtful collections of lovely things. We’ve gathered some of our favourite items from our shops and tucked them away in gift boxes and baskets for you to give - or send - to your favourite people. 

Who are NEST gifts for? Our NEST gifts are gathered by themes, so you’ll find a NEST gift for everyone in your life. The collections are unisex, but you’ll find that women might lean more to one NEST and men another. They’re all lovely -and that’s what matters. 

What age are NEST gifts suitable for? NEST gifts range for 6-month-old to 100 and beyond! NEST gifts are themed collections - so if you’re looking for a lovely present for a little one, you’ll find something in the WEE MAGPIE range. For older types, the rest of our NEST collection will be perfect. 

Can I choose my own items for NEST gift boxes? Not at the moment. The beauty of a NEST gift is that you can relax, knowing we’ve selected the best possible collection for you to give as a present. No more overthinking or decision overload for you - just a beautiful gift for your favourite person. 

Can I swap out an item in a NEST gift for something else? Not at the moment. The beauty of NEST gifts is that we’ve done all the hard work for you. Trust us - the contents of our gift collections are truly lovely. 

What is the returns policy for NEST gifts? See our Returns Policy Page. 

What are the shipping options for NEST gifts? See our Shipping Policy Page.

What are the shipping options for Weekend Blooms? Order your weekend blooms by 10am on a Thursday and we’ll send your flowers Next Day Delivery. Flowers will arrive before 1pm on Fridays - and we can deliver to any address, any recipient across the UK. 

What types of flowers come in the Weekend Blooms? Weekend Blooms are chosen based on seasonality, availability and length of vase life. Our magpie florist has over 20 years of experience selecting stunning blooms for bouquets, so we leave her to it. Trust us; you’ll always love the selection. 

Can I change the flowers in the Weekend Blooms? No - sorry. Our florist hand selects and ties bouquets based on seasonality, availability and length of vase life. As such, we can’t order specific flowers on request. 

How can I contact you if my question isn’t answered here? Simply contact us through the details on our contact page